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Essential Oils By dōTERRA

I Think Essential Oils Are Miraculous

Hi, my name is Micki Briggs and no, I’m not a Doctor, Lawyer or Indian Chief. I don’t have a PHD in psychiatry and I am far from being any kind of rocket scientist. I am a just a simple wife and mother and grandmother. I have been Micki essential oil picturemarried to the same wonderful man for 31 years and I have raised 6 exceptional children and now have 7 precious grandchildren. Perfect life you say? No. There have been many roller coaster moments as all normal families have but God has been very good to me. Our children have been raised to eat healthy, exercise and try as much as possible to live a natural lifestyle. Essential Oils have played a big part in this. You may have read testimonials about the different companies that market the many different essential oils. I have tried most of them but the best I have found have been by doTERRA. This website is a work in progress and Hopefully you can find what you need for the help you need be it a simple sore throat or a horrid case of acne or something worse. I think you will find like I have that essential oils are simply put…MIRACULOUS

PS: If you are new to essential oils you must try out the Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo.It is fairly inexpensive and once you put this stuff on your hair you will never want to use anything else.

If you have any questions about the different uses for oils or anything else I can help with you can call me at (702)527-8775 or email me 

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35 Responses to “Essential Oils By dōTERRA”

  1. Micki Briggs says:

    You’re welcome! So glad!

  2. Nori Moon says:

    Thanks so much! I really enjoyed this video

  3. Micki Briggs says:

    We have been told that it is best to not put oils down into the ear, but on the mastoid bones behind the ears & all over the ear itself. IF the oil feels drying to the skin, then, do half & half with a carrier like V6 or Olive Oil, but Helichrysum is not hot & has not ever bothered me. The Helichrysum is to regenerate the nerves inside the ear & you can also do Lavender to improve hearing & get rid of any excess fluid. I would do it at least twice a day or more

  4. Nori Moon says:

    Hi Micki, I had a virus last March that caused hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear. I understand Helichrysum is the best oil to treat this. I’m confused about how to apply it to my ear. With or without a carrier oil? and how often. I can’t find a good video on proper application. Thank you,

  5. Micki Briggs says:

    Lorna, that would vary on the kind of wound, possible infection, age of the injured, etc. Do you have an oils reference book? Also check the oil-testimonials website to find what others have done with the kind of wound.

  6. Lorna M says:

    wht do you recommend for open wounds?

  7. Micki Briggs says:

    Mostly morning and evening. On my neck, shoulders and any where I hurt.

  8. Katie Denton says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories. How often did you apply essential oils each day to help with your spine? I have a chronic neck problem where my neck won’t stay in place longer than a week after each chiropractic visit…trying to strengthen my neck with these oils. : )

  9. SimpleNorthernLife says:

    Excellent video, I am currently trying out Young Living and doTERRA oils and I have to say for the most part the companies have a good philosophy matching their mission. However, when sharing with family and friends most of them like doTERRA oils the best. So with this in mind and after much research I decided just today that I will continue to order doTERRA for now on! This video confirmed my decision. My gratitude is yours!

  10. Micki Briggs says:

    You’re welcome!

  11. midnightmagicals says:

    Thank you! God bless you!

  12. Sarah Bisgaard says:

    I am 14 and I Believe in doTERRA Essential Oils

  13. JONKEVNY says:

    Very nice presentation. I will keep this video as an reference when i am doing my presentations. Thank you

  14. Micki Briggs says:

    Glad you liked it Kyla

  15. Donna Deals says:

    Gina, I have a young lady friend who was in a wheel chair for several months due to Lyme and is now up and walking and driving again since the use of doTERRA Essential Oils. I hope you will have great success. It has really been exciting to see this young lady improve.

  16. Micki Briggs says:

    Dear Jody, I am so thankful the video helped you and so glad you found the oils. They have helped me tremendously and I am so happy to see others helped as well. God bless you!

  17. Micki Briggs says:

    I have never claimed to be a physician and urge people to seek professional care if they have an illness, I give my testimony of how I have used the oils to improve my health. I make it clear that I am not diagnosing or prescribing. I posted this video to help people learn how to use doTerra Essential Oils to improve their lives. I thank God for how He used them to improve mine.

  18. Hernan Marquez says:

    Two things. first, this woman is NOT a medically trained physician so take her medical advice with a large grain of salt. Second, I take issue with using scripture for financial gain. I highly doubt this is what the Lord intended it for.

  19. Jane Kisper says:

    Micki, thanks for posting this great video. This was very helpful. I’ve been using Frankincense and Lavender internally daily for 10 days and am seeing a Ulcerative Colitis flare (several months long,) turn around. Also the depression, I’ve suffered through the winter and spring, has lifted and I feel hopeful again! I’m convinced these oils are tremendously beneficial. God bless & prosper your business as you bless others!

  20. Micki Briggs says:

    I am sorry you feel as you do, but I know the quality and process for doTERRA! I have seen it myself.

  21. HarebrainedAndHappy says:

    Also, the oils they used in the Bible were not essential oils but rather aromatic or infused oils, and there is a big difference. Again, I am a HUGE promoters of essential oils, but you need to make sure your information is correct. It makes me and many other people mis-trust doTERRA when they, and their reps offer information that is simply not correct scientifically, biologically, historically, or just over exaggerated to promote doTERRA oils.

  22. HarebrainedAndHappy says:

    This is full of false information. Most of the plants are not native to America, or even France. Also many oils come from trees, which they have certainly not planted as the company has not been around long enough. I have used essential oils for many years, as well as Young Living oils, but false information like this turns me off from wanting to use or recommend doTERRA oils.

  23. Gina Renee says:

    I am hoping to have great results with the oils for lyme

  24. Kyla A says:

    This was an awesome education! Thank you for sharing. I’m just learning about oils. Thanks!

  25. Micki Briggs says:

    I am thankful it blessed you. I truly believe these are the LORD’s medicine. God bless you

  26. NaTasha D. McDonald says:

    Thank you so much for the video! I just became a doTERRA fan and am so glad I found this video. This is exactly how I want to present the product. It was great! Thank you, again.

  27. Micki Briggs says:

    Hi Paige,

    I would love to have you! Let’s move to private email for discussion.

    Give me your email and I will write to you.

    God bless you,

  28. mark opikokew says:

    hi Micki
    my name is mark opikokew …i wreally wuld love to sign up with you to doTERRA asap ty!!! Im so excited about these awesome oils and getting them soon.ty

  29. Cathy Hicks says:

    Oh, my friend who shared your video would never let that happen. :D  But thanks for great info! God Bless!

  30. Micki Briggs says:

    Cathy, I’d love for you to be on my doTERRA team. Send me an email if you are interested.

  31. Cathy Hicks says:

    Thanks for a great explaination. I’ve been seeing friends posting on Facebook about doTERRA, and asked out of curiosity. Thank you!

  32. Linda Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing…great presentation !

  33. MNeese1 says:

    Excellent intro…thanks so much for posting!

  34. Micki Briggs says:

    Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it

  35. Karen Roper says:

    Excellent explanation of doTERRA Essential oils! Very well done video too, good sound quality and lighting.

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